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Personalized Reusable Bottle Name Labels

PERSONALIZED REUSABLE bottle name labels will never peel, fade, or wash away!

Personalized Name Rubber Labels for Baby/Kid’s Bottles, can be transferred and used for many bottles. Instead of buying those name labels/stickers which will stick and hard to peel off, these labels are so versatile, you can use it over and over again for various bottles for so many years. Definitely a good value for money.


Made and ordered from USA

These labels are every parent’s solution for labeling bottles, sippy cups, snack containers and other various drink/toiletry containers. These labels are mom-invented, patent pending and are designed to make a parent’s life simpler by allowing them to label their child’s drink and snack containers with their name once and only once. No more sticky residue from adhesive labels; no more peeling labels; no more rewriting on lids and cups with a permanent marker that isn’t so “permanent” when washed. This product also aids in minimizing the spread of germs, thus having a healthier child. They are easy to use – just stretch and release for a snug fit around a variety of containers. An ideal gift for baby showers and toddler birthdays and a must-have for pre-school and daycare.

The labels are the only products that can withstand the rigors of repeated dishwashing, microwaving, boiling and sterilizing all while maintaining a clear personalization of a child’s name on a container. It is unique in that it is non-adhesive and presents a child’s name in text and features Braille.

It is designed to fit the smallest 4 ounce baby bottle and stretch to accommodate larger sport bottles (up to approximately 30 ounces).

It is reusable, so as children progress from baby bottles to sippy cups, these labels can simply be removed and placed on the new container.

* Dishwasher Safe

* Microwaveable

* Can be boiled/sterilized

* Constructed with FDA compliant non-toxic material

* Fits snug around containers – young children can’t remove

* Help small hands with a non-slick grip

* Easy to transfer to different cups,bottles,etc

* Will never peel, fade or wash away!

* BPA Free, Phthalate Free, 100% Medical Grade Silicone

Band circumference unstretched is 7 inch / 17 cm Font style – Comic Sans.

You can choose personalized 1 line or 2 lines.

The second line can be used to write phone number or even allergy alert! Very useful to inform teachers/friends or whoever taking care of your child.

1 or 2 lines (limit 17 characters including spaces – no symbol) 

$21.50 for each pack. (4 Name Label Bands in one pack)
All 4 bands will have the same name engraved and same colour.

You can choose one free graphic

Icons appear to the left of the personalization. 


Wild Violet
Pumpkin Orange
Kiwi Green
Ocean Blue
Teal Green
Bubblegum Pink
Sky Blue Pinkly Purple


Actual Product Picture

The label even fits adult’s water bottle and Foogo Food Jar. A bit stretched but still looks ok.


Really nice and useful. Thanks 🙂


It looks great!

Very nice.

They look great!

I have received the labels, loved it very much

I’ve received my labels, they’re lovely! Many thanks!

I’ve received the labels! Love them! Dun hv to keep sticking on tapes everyday for my girl’s infact care anymore! 🙂
– ermmm

Hi, I received the labels yesterday. Very well made! Thanks. 🙂
– starry_mummy

hi, received the bottle labels. very nice. Tks
– olivias

These are so great. I have them on my son’s bottles and that way they don’t get mixed up in the church nursery. It also kind of gives some extra grip to the bottle when holding it.
– Danielle

These are great for every age. With 4 in a pack, you can put them on multiple cups and not have to move them when using different cups. They keep your cups or bottles from getting mixed up at playdates, daycare, church, even at home for multiple kids! I have a set for my 4 year old that we’ve used since birth, and a set for each of my 1 year old twins. They don’t wear out or slip off! love them!
– Jennifer S

We have two boys & LOVE the labels! It makes identifying cups/bottles easy, even for little ones! Our older son always has blue labels & younger son always has green labels. Quick to spot from across the room – easy for preschool! But, above all, my favorite feature? Customizing our peanut/nut allergic son’s label so that EVERYONE is aware of his severe allergy.
– Courtney

I LOVE these labels!!! I have three kids, all 17 months apart, and having these labels has been a HUGE help in keeping track of whose sippy cup is whose. My kids can identify their own cups by color, even if they can’t read their names. I love that I don’t have to write on our sippy cups with a sharpie marker and can easily transfer the labels from one cup to another. Ours have been going through the microwave and dishwasher for over 2 years now and are still in excellent condition. GREAT PRODUCT!
–  Meredith


– No cancellation of item after payment has been made.

– Please place orders only if you are comfortable with the prices, product information, terms and conditions.

– Please do not compare this BP with others, as we are getting from different suppliers.

– Item colour may differ due to lighting effect or monitor’s resolution


This is a confirmed BP with MOQ (minimum order quantity) = 50 orders. We will submit all orders to supplier when we hit 50 orders. So, please place your order asap and transfer payment to secure your slot.


1) No payment, no order
2) Kindly double check that the personalized name, graphic etc are correct.


1) Payment to DBS Savings Account 015-3-041312 after I have confirmed your order and total price.

2) For those using IBanking, please state your SMH nick when transferring.

3) For those using ATM transfer, please inform and take a clear snapshot of your ATM transaction receipt as this is the only way I can track your payment as ATM transfers do not indicate your name in my iBanking statement. You need to send the snapshot to my mobile number. I will pass my number to you once I have received notification from you that payment has been transferred by ATM. A bit inconvenience, but this is necessary to track your payment on my side.

4) Please PM or email after you have transferred payment. Please indicate your SMH nick when emailing.


Normal mail:

1-2 packs =  $1
3-4 packs = $1.50
5 -6 packs = FREE NORMAL MAIL

7 and above = prefer self collection.

I am not responsible for lost packages thus registered mail (add another $2.25) is strongly recommended.

Self-collection will be at my residence at Lorong 2 Toa Payoh, or Toa Payoh MRT


Labels will reach Singapore 3-4 weeks after being submitted to supplier. Please allow a few days for me to mail it out.


Your Name:
Item Name: 1 line/ 2 lines
Line 1 = (put in your text)
Line 2 = (put in your text)
Graphic = choose one (flower/heart/smiley/star)
Colour= choose one (Wild Violet/Pumpkin Orange/Kiwi Green/Ocean Blue/Teal Green/Bubblegum Pink/Sky Blue/Pinkly Purple)
Method of Delivery: Self collect (Toa Payoh Lorong2/Toa Payoh MRT) or mail (normal/registered)

I will update on how many orders have been collected so far. Please spread the word around so we can hit 50 orders as soon as possible. 🙂


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